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TaxGeek 2007

Your Open Source Solution to Tax Time

April 15, 2008: TaxGeek07.04 has been released to address certain usability issues (yes, you may now validate your SSNs) and deal with the ever troublesome Schedule D. This release supercedes all prior releases for tax year 07.

April 8, 2008: tg07.03.patch2 has been issued to address various issues with TaxGeek07.03. Please first download TaxGeek07.03. Install it, and then download and apply and patch. This supercedes tg07.03.patch1.

March 27, 2008: TaxGeek07.03 has been released as a bugfix release to TaxGeek07.02. Major changes include better support for overrides on Form 1040, a script that is more robust, and improvements to Form 2441. New users or individuals with errors should download this version, whereas other users of TaxGeek07.02 can download the patch tg07.02.patch1 which is the equivalent. Thanks to all testers (especially crowbert and trousermonkey) for their hard work.

TaxGeek is a Mozilla-based US income tax program that includes Form 1040, Schedules A, B, C, C-EZ, D, E, K-1 (1065), R, and many other forms (see list below). Most of the forms that are not directly supported are included as context-sensitive links to PDFs on the IRS website. TaxGeek will do many of the calculations required in filing your income tax and print the results to PDF format. E-Filing is not supported at this time. It can use tax-tables, tax-formula, and the qualified dividends and capital gains methods. It has many of the supporting worksheets for 1040 implemented and working and many of the supporting worksheets for schedules and forms that are supported.

View of Form 1040

The TaxGeek UI is based on the IRS forms only, and in that sense it is not user friendly as the interview-based tax programs. However, because of its calculation ability and the context sensitive forms, it should still be many times easier to use than doing taxes by hand or spreadsheet.

TaxGeek was written in response to the demand for an Open Sourced US Federal Income Tax program that works on GNU/Linux based computers. It is by no means complete, but may serve to help you file your 2007 income taxes if your life is not *too* complicated. Plans are in the works to release a 2008 version next year and to possibly create state versions (at least PA - cause that's where I live). ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES ARE OFFERED. If you have a ton of money riding on finding all the right loopholes and getting everything 100% perfect, buy a tax program or use an accountant. However, if you'd like to alpha test this, be my guest and enjoy.

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