TaxGeek07.02 is out. It is the first public Tax Year 07 release. Click here to see why it's been so late if you care.

There were a number of reasons.
  • TaxGeek code needed a major reorganization of directory structures that would make it easier to distribute as distribution specific packages.
  • Overrides to all calculated fields needed to be implemented. This is largely because some users have needs that TaxGeek cannot yet support. The easiest solution is to allow users to input their own values, overriding those calculated by TaxGeek. This also allows users to override values that may be calculated inaccurately (hopefully none!) while waiting for the official fix.
  • On a personal note:
    • My family and I have been rather sick this winter
    • Our usual child-care is off visiting relatives
    • And I'm teaching 5 sections with 4 preps (one senior level, one graduate)
So the usual easy upgrade of forms was quite a lot more difficult than expected.

This release supercedes all prior releases, development or otherwise, for tax year 2007. Please upgrade if you are using a development edition.

When bug fixes or updates to version 07 are released, you will see notification here. Unlike last year, we will be releasing updates as single compressed files with bash-bashed installers. Each subsequent update for TaxGeek07 will contain all the files needed for the prior updates. The exception to this will be the first general release which will come out sometime between now and the beginning of April when we have heard all the bug reports from intrepid users, and had a chance to fully test the release for ourselves.

For previous alerts relevant to TaxGeek06e, please check here.