TaxGeek07.04 is out. It fixes the following issues with TaxGeek07.03:

1) The ever-annoying Schedule D has been patched so that it passes
values from lines 18 and 19 to the Form 1040 global variables needed
for Schedule D tax calculations.  Also, the form will now print
whether or not you have short or longterm gains/losses.

2) The installer now more correctly detects PDF::Reuse (presuming that
perl is installed).

TaxGeek07.04 will now do limited validation of SSNs in most forms.  This feature was 
introduced because most users want to type in SSNs with dashes.  This feature allows 
them to do so, but will still represent the entered numbers without dashes or spaces.
Users of Schedule D should consider an upgrade or at least check their results to ensure that if the Schedule D Tax Worksheet was used, the calculated tax is correct.

tg07.03.patch2 is out. It fixes the following issues with the TaxGeek07.03

The following fixes were made in tg07.03.patch2

  a) The Schedule D carry over worksheet has been relinked to
  Schedule D after a regression error (function rename) broke
  the form.

  b) The yeardata.js and 1040.htm have been updated so that
  special exceptions in standard deductions are accounted for
  in 2007.

It also includes all the fixes made in patch 1.  If you are a new user, please download
TaxGeek07.03 and install it, download patch2 and run to correctly
apply it.

tg07.03.patch1 is out. It fixes the following issues with the TaxGeek07.03 release:

This is the first patch for TaxGeek07.03

The following fixes have been made:

  a) On 1040: SSN tooltip to inform users not to enter spaces or
  dashes in the SSN boxes (even if they can).

  b) *Additional* notifications on W2 that using an SSN that does
  not exactly match one of those on 1040 will result in income
  from that form not being counted.

  c) On 1040: when overrides for lines 21, 36, or 63 are used, the
  user can also override the text (or lack thereof) that appears
  on the line.

  d) dataIO.js: On some people's first starts, they have reported
  problems creating new projects.  This has (we think) been fixed
  by ensuring that no newline character is at the end of the
  name of the current project.

  e) Schedule A: Line 25 now reads in Line 38 from 1040 automatically.

  f) Schedule D: Lines 1 and 8 now correctly print to PDF.  This was
  caused by some variable name changes late in the game without
  updating the variable names in the coordinate files.  Additionally,
  Schedule D will now automatically read in the names and SSN from
  1040 and place them at the top of the form.

  g) Schedule E: Line 2, naming problems for the checkboxes in
  the coordinate files resulted in problems displaying X's on the
  output PDFs.

The issue with properly testing for PDF::Reuse on Ubuntu will be addressed
in the TaxGeek07.04 release shortly.

Thanks to sonshinesoft, lewis7, crumley, and nam1 for all their input.

TaxGeek07.03 is out. It is the first update to the Tax Year 07 release.

This release supercedes all prior releases, development or otherwise, for tax year 2007. Please upgrade if you are using a development edition.

This release fixes the following issues: If your worked correctly, but you wish for a smaller download, please get tg07.02.patch1 and run to update the important files.

When bug fixes or updates to version 07 are released, you will see notification here. Unlike last year, we will be releasing updates as single compressed files with bash-bashed installers. Each subsequent update for TaxGeek07 will contain all the files needed for the prior updates. The exception to this will be the first general release which will come out sometime between now and the beginning of April when we have heard all the bug reports from intrepid users, and had a chance to fully test the release for ourselves.

For all previous alerts, please check here.